Crowderly is a social innovation platform for problem sharing and solution crowdsourcing.

Entrepreneurship is traditionally about a person creating something, then praying that people might actually want it- risky, expensive and difficult. We hope to change this paradigm by creating a community space where people can be transparent with their problems, thereby allowing entrepreneurs to create solutions guaranteed to provide real value to others.

Join the Crowd to solve your frustrations, or find your next business idea!

How it Works
  • Share your unsolved problems to spark innovation among the community
  • Upvote or follow problems that you relate to
  • Engage with projects that you find innovative or helpful
  • Create profitable projects that solve real problems
  • Search through validated problems for potential project ideas
  • Test the market by engaging with your project followers 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's in it for me as a 'seeker' (problem poster)? 

If you've got a major frustration, but haven't managed to find a proper solution out there, this may be your best bet in getting the world to meet your needs. Whatever unique problem you're facing, there's probably thousands more like you that are experiencing the exact same pain.

Share it with this eager-to-help community and not only will you be initiating the first step in improving this world, but you might just find the solution you've been looking for! 


What's in it for me as a 'solver' (project creator)? 

Any true entrepreneur knows that problems are really just opportunities waiting to be seized.

Create projects that solve validated problems as a past time, side project, or startup. You can then use your follower base to test out ideas, talk to potential customers, or collect feedback before spending unnecessary amounts of money, time, or effort into your venture. 


Can I create a project solution for a problem that is not posted? 

To create a project, you must either associate it with a problem that is already posted, or create a new problem first. Remember, people always resonate with the problem first!