Top Problems

Housing Costs in New York City

Posted Date: 10-11-18 Posted By: dabbking Category: Real Estate & Housing
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Housing prices in metropolitan areas are just continuing to sky-rocket. It's literally the biggest expense that I have. Having to work in the city (Ma...

Wish there were reviews for college courses (in addition to teachers)

Posted Date: 10-11-18 Posted By: krumpetor Category: Education & School Life
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I love using ratemyprofessor, but most of the time I realize I'm using it to scope out the difficulty and workload of the course the professor teaches...

Job search as a soon-to-be graduate is tedious and inefficient

Posted Date: 09-11-18 Posted By: brovsky Category: Business
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The current job boards I use such as Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, Google, or WayUp contain jobs that encompass too large of a selection and do not make...

Little knowledge of politics/government system and can’t keep up with the news

Posted Date: 09-11-18 Posted By: Anonymous User Category: Government & Politics
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Title really says it all. As an American, and especially after the recent elections, I am ashamed to say that I know very little about our government...

Difficulty finding music I like

Posted Date: 09-11-18 Posted By: twinx Category: Music
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I usually don’t spend a lot of time browsing through different music or discovering new songs. Instead of music, I usually listen to podcasts in...

Not aware of events happening on school campus/local area

Posted Date: 09-11-18 Posted By: Imovers Category: Education & School Life
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I am a freshman in college and I have trouble figuring out what are ALL the events happening near campus. I know there are apps out there trying to fi...

No restaurants around office building that just serves simple, affordable, healthy food

Posted Date: 07-11-18 Posted By: edsnower Category: Food & Restaurants
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Not sure if the solution for this exists already, but all the restaurants around me are either too expensive, unhealthy, serve terrible food, or have...

Church losing donations and members

Posted Date: 06-11-18 Posted By: albertschiff Category: Religion & Spirituality
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We don't really keep track of our member growth besides just an email list we have, but we have noticed that although our numbers are still quite larg...

Real-time communication with a medical professional

Posted Date: 06-11-18 Posted By: techcol Category: Health & Medicine
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As a health conscious individual, I pay a lot of attention to how my body feels and can irregular symptoms that may emerge. I frequently go online and...

Lack of education on essential and practical skills/methodologies

Posted Date: 06-11-18 Posted By: SammyG Category: Education & School Life
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After almost finishing college, I’ve realized I have still yet to learn so many essential skills necessary to excel in the real world. For examp...

Distracted at work by meetings/immediate requests all the time

Posted Date: 06-11-18 Posted By: blandjimmy Category: Workplace
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I’ve discussed this with my colleagues and they share the same pain as well. Basically, I work in an open office, and it looks great from the ou...