Distracted at work by meetings/immediate requests all the time

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I’ve discussed this with my colleagues and they share the same pain as well. Basically, I work in an open office, and it looks great from the outside because it appears “startupy” and modern, but I have so much trouble getting my work done because I am constantly bombarded with help requests from other team members and departments. The other thing is that once I start responding to requests, more people start coming to me because they see that I am ‘available’. I can’t just reject people because it is in our company’s culture to help one another, and I find it extremely helpful when I can go to someone else for something I need help with, but it has come to a point where I can only get my assigned projects done at home after work, because I am so busy responding to requests from other people at work.

I have already tried putting on headphones to signal that I am immersed in my work, or have gone to a private room to work, but we have social tech tools like Slack and Trello that make it basically impossible to avoid your teammates’ requests.

I am not against open offices, because it does make the workplace more social and informal, but I wish there was some solution to help me get my work done in peace!

Background story:

I work at a high-growth tech company in New York City where my job role revolves around operations and analytics. I work from 9 to 6, so I can really only start getting stuff done after that time.

The picture below is sort of what my office layout looks like. 

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