Lack of education on essential and practical skills/methodologies

Posted Date: 06-11-18 Posted By: SammyG Category: Education & School Life
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Problem Description:

After almost finishing college, I’ve realized I have still yet to learn so many essential skills necessary to excel in the real world. For example, how to file taxes, get insurance, credit card knowledge, networking, etc.,

Throughout school, they teach us these specific subjects which mostly have no relevance to my future life (things like geology, philosophy, ethics), and most of the time the classes simply require you to memorize material and forget them right after the exam.

Rather than learning about the WHAT to know, I want to gain knowledge on the HOW part: How to learn effectively, how to approach solving problems, how to make good decisions, etc. Instead of simply giving me useless knowledge that I may or may not use, give me frameworks, strategies, or mindsets that I can use to apply to gain whatever knowledge I require!

Background story:

I am a 21 year old college female student studying at an Ivy league school, majoring in biology. I don’t know what I want to do after graduating, but I now know I definitely don’t want to be a doctor. My major makes me take these tremendously specialized courses, which would be useful for a pre-med student, but I feel that the school’s core curriculum should include courses focused on life skills to better prepare students after graduation. They should teach us how to adapt, learn, and other practical skills so that we don’t just enter our adult life as clueless as most post-grads do with tons of debt in our hands.

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