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Posted Date: 06-11-18 Posted By: techcol Category: Health & Medicine
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As a health conscious individual, I pay a lot of attention to how my body feels and can irregular symptoms that may emerge. I frequently go online and WebMD this stuff, but all the symptoms on those sites seem like they can be applicable to any kind of disease. It would be great if there was a site or app where I could message/video chat/call a medical professional in real time to ask for their opinion or expert advice on my current conditions or symptoms (similar to the picture below). At the point where we are now with technology, this should be in existence already.

Going in for a checkup is too tedious and time-consuming to just get answers on certain nutrition questions or symptoms that are not urgent. Let’s be honest, our healthcare system sucks in the US!

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I am in my mid 30s, and live in Los Angeles.

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Posted Date: 06-11-18

Would you willing to pay for this service? Not sure if a certified doctor would be willing to spend their time answering questions for strangers for free if they could make tons of more money with scheduled appointments..

Posted Date: 06-11-18

@jetstoner I would perhaps pay depending on the convenience of the process, service provided by the professional, and of course how much it would cost per session. I'm thinking like under $10 per online consultation. However, I think it could possible work as a free service since it could be a gateway for acquiring new clients/marketing strategy too.

Posted Date: 10-11-18

Haha, I would totally use this if it existed. I always have random questions when I notice some kind of blemish or symptom I'm feeling. Anyone know if someone's doing this already?