Church losing donations and members

Posted Date: 06-11-18 Posted By: albertschiff Category: Religion & Spirituality
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Problem Description:

We don't really keep track of our member growth besides just an email list we have, but we have noticed that although our numbers are still quite large, we haven't really been able to recuit many new, younger members.

Looking at our finances, we have also seen a gradual decrease in donations over time. It's obvious our members love the community and the events we hold, but at this rate we aren't sure if we can sustainably continue our operations without attracting more members and donations (particularly the younger generation) into the community. 

Background story:

I am a pastor at a church in San Diego, California. I have been the paster for almost 15 years now and have seen the church community grow from just a neighborhood community of under 20 people to almost a couple hundred.

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Posted Date: 06-11-18

Haha, it's pretty shocking how these churches are still using such obsolete methods...Interesting to see a sector like religion to be disrupted soon

Posted Date: 09-11-18

@sixfive9 well it's always been the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it' mentality i guess. However, not it's starting to look like things have to change. Hopefully there's some good ideas here.