No restaurants around office building that just serves simple, affordable, healthy food

Posted Date: 07-11-18 Posted By: edsnower Category: Food & Restaurants
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Problem Description:

Not sure if the solution for this exists already, but all the restaurants around me are either too expensive, unhealthy, serve terrible food, or have combination of those stated. I have a lunch stipend at my company, but I always go over it because every restaurant around the area either serves fast food/unhealthy food or gourmet organic meals. This is costing me a lot of money because I don’t like putting garbage into my body, but I really don’t mind simple food like a basic salt & peppered chicken on rice.

Why isn’t there some place that has a menu containing simple, basic food with known ingredients and costs less than ~12 bucks?

Background story:

I work in midtown Manhattan in New York.

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