Little knowledge of politics/government system and can’t keep up with the news

Posted Date: 09-11-18 Posted By: Anonymous User Category: Government & Politics
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Title really says it all. As an American, and especially after the recent elections, I am ashamed to say that I know very little about our government and political system. I have tried reading about it online because I wish to understand what people are talking about on the news and determine who I want to vote for, but everything just seems so dense and convoluted. In addition to that, there are so many new and random names popping up in political news nowadays I have trouble even keeping track of who is who and what they did.

One idea that comes to my mind that would help me greatly could be a video or newsletter series that completely breaks down the current political news into the ramifications and implications of each matter.

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Posted Date: 09-11-18

Have you heard of Vox media? I think they have a Youtube channel and a new show on Netflix that do a great job of explaining what's happening in the news and current politics.