Job search as a soon-to-be graduate is tedious and inefficient

Posted Date: 09-11-18 Posted By: brovsky Category: Business
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Problem Description:

The current job boards I use such as Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, Google, or WayUp contain jobs that encompass too large of a selection and do not make it easy for recent grads find entry level positions. I spend so many hours just scrolling through job titles, clicking on ones that seem entry-level, then reading the qualifications just to realize they require 5+ years of experience or something. I know there are ‘experience level’ filters, but a lot of times that just narrows down the options excessively, since a lot of job posters do not fill in that information.

It would be so much easier if there was a specific job board site dedicated for post-grads or entry level workers to find jobs. I know my demographic is a huge market and this would help companies target their search better, but would also make the lives of students like me a whole lot easier.

Background story:

I am going to graduate in May 2019. Attending college in the US.

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