Wish there were reviews for college courses (in addition to teachers)

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I love using ratemyprofessor, but most of the time I realize I'm using it to scope out the difficulty and workload of the course the professor teaches, rather than the professor him/herself. Is there a wesite or app out there that allows students who have previously taken the course to provide their input on what their experience was like?

It would make my course selection process so much better if I could figure out:

  • Workload of class (hours)
  • Types of projects and assignments
  • What kind of skills you'll learn 
  • How good the professor was 
  • Credit distribution (attendence, assignments, projects, exams) 

What I've been doing in addition to using Ratemyprofessor is to enroll in a bunch of classes during registration and overlaod my schedule, then go to the first week of classes and see if I would like taking the class for the semester. The whole process is not only tedious and time consuming, but also very stressful because you'll have to do all work assigned for a period of time before deciding to drop or not. 

If there is already an existing solution, someone please link me!! Thanks.

Background story:

I go to NYU and I am currently a sophomore. ra

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