Housing Costs in New York City

Posted Date: 10-11-18 Posted By: dabbking Category: Real Estate & Housing
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Problem Description:

Housing prices in metropolitan areas are just continuing to sky-rocket. It's literally the biggest expense that I have. Having to work in the city (Manhattan) means that I have to either live in a borough really far away (still expensive) or spend all my income on living expenses.

Something has to be done to disrupt this industry. So many sectors out there have been disrupted by technology, yet housing still remains one of urbanization's greatest challenges. If there was a way to significantly reduce costs by using the sharing economy (airbnb is not a long term solution for many) or technological advancement, people's lives would be so much less costly.

Background story:

I have a job in the city. I don't even really stay in my apartment that much. The only needs I really require for living is a bed and a place to store my belongings. I don't even mind sharing a bathroom (dorm style) and I don't have time to cook so I rarely use my kitchen anyway. 

I probably woudn't even mind living in a tent if there was a space that was safe and sanitary honestly. 

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