Colleges hire professors who can’t teach well

Posted Date: 16-11-18 Posted By: twinx Category: Education & School Life
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I go to a top-tier college and spend tens of thousands of dollars to attend it. However, so many of my classes are taught by apathetic professors that seem to be as bored as their students who are falling asleep in class. 

It seems that these colleges hire professors for their research, and completely disregard their inability to teach. I am not saying that these teachers needs to be fired up and excited every class, but they should at least be able to convey concepts in an organized fashion instead of just rambling on about it without any student engagement.

For a lot of my classes I have resorted to taking notes from home on the lecture slides posted online rather than actually attending lecture. I think this says something about the level of education modern universities are offering. 

I actually think the main problem is that these professors have been in their academic field so long they forgot what it's like to learn the material for the first time and have all these assumptions about the learning curve. This could be why my TAs are so much better at teaching than my professors, because they have recently (relatively) gone through the students same experience. 

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